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Sedona Spiritual Retreats

“Simply the best place to go in Sedona for life-changing spiritual retreats – and the most affordable, because they are a non-profit organization.” Gwen T. NY

Sedona Spiritual Retreats

     Has God (Spirit) guided you to this website for a specific reason? Are you receiving signs about making changes in your life? When was the last time you experienced true peace, happiness, love? Take the time to look deep within yourself; you will discover it!

   You are invited to learn, grow, heal, and be transformed during a week of discovering the awesome inner Spirit of YOU and exploring the healing beauty of Sedona, Arizona. We welcome and value everyone from all spiritual paths and walks of life. Enjoy empowering spiritual growth during an intensive, inspirational and peaceful heart-centered week of learning, growing, forgiving, healing, meditation, and fun through your own personal spiritual retreat.

                                   Listen and heed the inner voice of Spirit!





(full week or weekend couples/marriage retreats available)


You’ve taken an ordinary vacation before, now take a spiritual journey that will  transform your life and bring you peace- Western Spirit’s mind, body, and spiritual retreats.


Western Spirit Enrichment Center is a small holistic mind, body, spiritual retreat organization (non-religious and non-denominational) guiding people on their inner journey of spiritual growth and transformation through empowering workshops, healing sessions, meditation, exciting outdoor activities, and the beauty of Arizona. We are located near magical Sedona (See pictures of “SEDONA“) , named the most beautiful place in America. Through a Western Spirit spiritual retreat you will discover numerous ways to renew, enrich and heal your life through your own personal spiritual journey of self realization.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LOW RATES AND CURRENT DISCOUNT OF $200! WE ARE NOW OFFERING A SPECIAL WEEKLY RATE OF ONLY $1,595 pp (or $1,995 per couple)! Call now 602-540-5808.  (Since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we can keep our prices low – and your donation may be tax-deductible!) Click on one of these links below to learn more about our spiritual retreats or click here first to read our reviews on 


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LOW RATES AND CURRENT $200 DISCOUNT!  Our rates includes your lodging at a local B&B or inn, all the empowering workshops, outdoor activities and tours, a meeting with a Native American healer, plus a yoga or tai chi class and a massage. Go to RESERVATIONS & RATES for details or Contact Us Now 

You will experience an incredible, unforgettable week-long holistic journey that combines the perfect mix of positive self-discovery and fun-filled outdoor activities. You will be guided to discover a life of joy and love, and reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness through daily empowering and nurturing personal or couples healing meditations, workshops and personal growth activities. You’ll experience intuitive healing, benefit from spiritual guidance, and enjoy exciting outdoor healing and meditative activities in sacred and beautiful Sedona and the awesome Grand Canyon. Western Spirit’s spiritual retreats are based on the fundamental truth that each of us has the answers within and we are all traveling on our own individual and unique spiritual journey.

Whether you come alone, as many of our guests do, or as couples, a Western Spirit spiritual retreat can benefit you immensely. Whether you come for a personal retreat, womens retreat, couples retreat or marriage retreat, you will be individually guided to open your heart and reconnect with your authentic Divine Self by joining in personal meditations and workshops that will enlighten, inspire and heal you. (Choose your “ WORKSHOPS ” here). When you change your thoughts, you change your energy – and then you change your life! After your spiritual retreat, you will leave feeling more peaceful, loving, centered, and empowered to choose the “right answer” for yourself. Thousands of our worldwide guests since 2001 have told us that these empowering spiritual retreats have changed their lives and left them with an awakened sense of gratitude and spiritual awareness! (Read past “GUEST TESTIMONIALS“)

Decide the week you can join us and Contact Us to check availability. NOW ONLY $1,595 pp (or $1,995 per couple) for the week with our low rates and current $200 discount for our spiritual retreats! This rate includes your lodging at a local B&B or inn, all the empowering workshops, outdoor activities and tours, a meeting with a Native American healer, plus a yoga or tai chi class and a massage. Call now 602-540-5808 or click here for further details RESERVATIONS & RATES

Each week during our spiritual retreats, guests visit with a Native American healer. View one of his

YouTube presentations here.

 Visit the most beautiful city in America – Sedona!

Each day during your spiritual retreat you’ll make that all-important mind-body-spirit connection with the healing power of nature in beautiful Sedona and the awesome Grand Canyon.

 You’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon!

Join your hosts and spiritual retreat guides, Marian and Garrett, with over 30 years experience, as they guide you through empowering healing sessions, workshops and exciting outdoor activities. (Learn more about “YOUR HOSTS“).  Call now 602-540-5808.