Couples Retreats & Marriage Retreats

Improve your relationship. Forgive and heal past trauma. Communicate more effectively. Reconnect in love through empowering, life-changing workshops and exciting adventures in beautiful Sedona, AZ.


Imagine a full week (Sun-Sat) together as a couple enjoying peace, relaxation, pampering, and empowering, relationship-changing workshops that provide you with the tools, ideas and resources needed to enable you to grow together as a couple, and a connection with nature, the beauty of Sedona and the Grand Canyon, that you will remember forever – through Western Spirit’s couples retreats or marriage retreats. The couples retreat rate is only $2,895 for the week. Improve your life and your relationship now! Contact us by completing our “Inquiry Form” by clicking here or call (602) 540-5808.

Western Spirit was recently named “one of the best couples spiritual retreats” by Issuu of Palo Alto, CA. and one of the ten best by, and has over 21 years of proven experience (since 2001) guiding couples to an improved connection with themselves and each other. As a 501c3 non-profit organization (non-religious and non-denominational), we can offer you the lowest couples retreat and marriage retreat rates in Sedona.  Your $2,895 couples retreat or marriage retreat is all-inclusive of:

  • comfortable lodging in a local Sedona inn

  • eight empowering and relationship-changing workshops

  • daily guided meditations

  • a nurturing spa massage

  • a session with a Native American healer

  • a tour of an ancient Indian village

  • a tour of Sedona’s beauty and energy

  • a visit to the awesome Grand Canyon

Improve your life and your relationship now! Contact us by completing our “Inquiry Form” by clicking here. Let us know what week you have in mind. At Western Spirit Enrichment Center’s couples retreats or marriage retreats, you will gain the time and freedom to

  • discover how to manifest a stronger, more loving relationship

  • empower yourself and your partner to forgive past wounds

  • heal individual and joint trauma that enables you to move forward

  • learn to truly listen and to communicate more effectively

  • reconnect with a new enlightened bond of love

These are the empowering couples retreats or marriage retreats workshops that will bring you closer together:

  • Strengthening Your Relationships

  • The Languages of Love

  • Discovering Your Hearts’ Desire

  • Listening with your Heart

  • Experiencing Enchanted Love

  • Healing Your Spirit

  • Developing Your Intuition

  • Nurturing Yourself Through Forgiveness

  • Recognizing Your Abundance

Western Spirit has had the privilege and honor of working with hundreds of couples in the past 21 years through our couples retreats and marriage retreats. Please read their testimonials below.


  • Self-discovery and introspection

  • Reconnection and commitment

  • Forgiveness and understanding

  • Healing past trauma

  • Listening and communication skills

Our Sedona couples retreats and marriage retreats (in whatever form it is to you—a relationship retreat, marriage retreat, honeymoon retreat…) will guide you and your partner along paths of self-discovery, growth, forgiveness and healing, regardless of the form of your romantic relationship (new couple, committed relationship, traditionally married, same-sex partnership), or your faith or religious background. Improve your life and your relationship now! Contact us for your marriage retreat by completing our “Inquiry Form” by clicking here.

Western Spirit Enrichment Center is an IRS-approved 501c3 non-profit (non-religious and non-denominational) spiritual retreat organization offering couples retreats and marriage retreats for 22 years. We operate on the universal principle that Spirit (God) is love, all humankind is connected, and we all have our own answers within. Whether you yearn to strengthen a new relationship, save a troubled relationship or marriage, or to further improve and enrich an already strong partnership, a Sedona couples retreat or marriage retreat will benefit you and your partner for the rest of your life.

A Week of Insight and Nature Through a Sedona Couples Retreat

Based on over 21 years of helping people to improve and rebalance their lives through our couples retreats and marriage retreats, we have found the perfect balance of learning, activity, and rest. We take care of the week’s agenda for you so that you can focus on the true purpose of your retreat—self-discovery, forgiveness, healing, communication, authenticity, reconnection and recommitment . You and your partner will experience an incredible, unforgettable week of personal insight and natural beauty in which to refocus on your relationship with yourself and your partner, the underlying reality of your love, and the qualities that originally drew you together. Western Spirit Enrichment Center’s couples retreats or marriage retreats can benefit you! Improve your life and your relationship now! Contact us by completing our “Inquiry Form” by clicking here or calling (602) 540-5808.

Weekend Retreats: Not able to get away for a full week or fit it into your schedule? We also offer a Weekend Couples Retreat or marriage retreat, Friday to Sunday, for $2,395 per couple. Please contact us for more details, please Contact Us.

Small, Personalized, Focused – Sedona Couples Retreats or Marriage Retreats

Western Spirit Enrichment Center’s couples retreats and marriage retreats are small, personalized, and focused—no large groups to get lost in—allowing you lots of personal attention and pampering, as well as ample time and space to engage in the many empowering, relationship-changing workshop discussions.

Through our empowering workshops, you’ll discover new ways to truly listen to one another, communicate effectively, forgive and heal. You’ll find ideas, tools and resources that will make your relationship better, happier and more satisfying. Know in your heart that you and your partner deserve this opportunity to strengthen your love for each other through Western Spirit’s couples retreat or marriage retreat.

Our Sedona personal, women's and couples retreats all offer the perfect balance of individual and relationship growth, forgiveness, healing and increased self- love through:

Empowering Workshops

Empowering Workshops

Be guided gently through our Sedona women's spiritual retreat along a path of self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing, regardless of your faith or religious background.

Outdoor Adventures

Exciting Outdoor Adventures

Explore the awesome red-rock beauty and magical vortices surrounding Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Rest And Self-Reflection

Rest and Self-Reflection

Quiet your mind through meditation and self-reflection. Revitalize your body with some much-deserved pampering.

Safe, Welcoming, Inclusive – Sedona Marriage Retreats & Couples Retreats

We welcome and value everyone from all spiritual paths and walks of life.

We offer you and your partner a safe and welcoming place where you will be loved and accepted completely for who you are. Go within, listen to your heart, and release any fear or trepidation you might be feeling about being guided on one of Western Spirit’s holistic, non-religious and non-denominational marriage retreats. You’ll experience memorable fun adventures together, strengthen your spiritual connection, and discover new ways to sustain and expand your hearts individually and together.

Your Hosts, Marian and Garrett, invite you to join us as you are guided through a transformative experience that will change your perspective and renew your sense of love, commitment and meaning through your couples retreat or marriage retreat.

Couples Retreats Benefits

A Western Spirit Couples Retreats or Marriage Retreats offers you the opportunity to:

  • Awaken your relationship and rediscover your partner.
  • Find the love, joy and passion possible in a conscious and spiritual relationship.
  • Bring your relationship into nature and recharge your emotional and spiritual “batteries”.
  • Learn the essential tools and principles that can keep love alive and growing.
  • Develop a deeper connection with each other, with all beings, and with Spirit.
  • Take communication and listening skills to a new level.
  • Gain insights into what went wrong with previous relationships.
  • Move beyond addictions and compulsive behaviour.
  • Learn to truly forgive and move beyond emotional gridlock.
  • Find greater intimacy, co-creativity and spiritual growth.
  • Rediscover the dimensions of your relationship and your common goals.
  • Discover the importance that positive affirmations have on your partner.
  • Learn to see your partner anew, discover their positives and appreciate their blessings.
  • Recognize and accept your partner’s gifts with grace and gratitude.
  • Choose love over fear and develop a true spiritual connection with Spirit (God) and your partner.
  • Recall your original vows and commitment, and make new agreements.

We welcome you to learn, discover, heal, and grow as a couple through a spiritual couples retreat or marriage retreat with Western Spirit Enrichment Center in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

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Why Attend a Couples Retreat or Marriage Retreat?

Your main source of learning and healing yourself is your relationships. Through the joy and pain of interaction with other people—your spouse, partner, relatives, friends, colleagues, co-workers, and strangers—you progress on your spiritual path in order to learn about yourself and love from all sides. Through this process, you will discover there is no separation of yourself from another. The realization of your true spiritual nature is a powerful healing force in a relationship, and love is the ultimate healer. Relationships need nurturing and attention to survive. Perhaps you need a couples retreat or marriage retreat now.

A true romantic relationship answers your need for connection, intimacy, adventure, magic and spirituality. But it is also a means of triggering your old “wounds”. You do your healing through relationships. The real purpose of an intimate relationship is not that it be a place where you can hide from your weaknesses, but rather where you can safely let them go. Through committed long-term relationships like marriage (whether formally wedded, “common-law”, committed partnership, same-sex), we all unconsciously seek those relationships that challenge us, mirror our most troublesome patterns, and offer us the opportunity to learn, grow, heal and be transformed. We seek out partnerships to experience aspects of ourselves that cannot be experienced when we are alone. This is what makes our relationships both exciting and difficult, adventurous and fearful.

By loving more freely and without fear, you can renew your relationship through loving actions. Realize that your happiness comes from within first, not from outside you. Forgive the past; it is over. Learn from it and let it go. Through understanding and love you can dissolve fear and anger, for the task of love is to understand and forgive. The more love you give, the more love is returned to you. It is not how much you give, but how much love you put into the giving that is important. In a relationship retreat, like our Sedona Couples Retreat and Marriage Retreat, you will learn how to detach from your fears and negative emotions in order to give love—positively transforming yourself and your relationship.

Insurance Coverage

You may wish to check with your insurance carrier to see if a marriage retreat is covered under your policy’s mental-health or counseling provisions. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the Affordable Health Care Act now require insurance companies to offer the same level of coverage for treating mental-health issues (such as domestic counseling, depression, addictions, alcoholism, eating disorders, substance-abuse, and other health problems) as they do for any other illness. If you or your partner are dealing with any of these issues, we can help. Couples are often referred to Western Spirit by their marriage counselor or therapist.

Your 6-Day Spiritual Retreat Includes:

  • 6 nights comfortable lodging in a local Sedona inn.
  • 8 empowering, life-changing Workshops.
  • Outdoor Adventures  in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.
  • Meeting with a Native American intuitive.
  • Daily guided meditations.
  • A spa massage.

Year-Round Weekly Retreat Rates

Couples Retreat Rates:

$2,895 +tax USD per Couple for the weeklong retreat

$2,395 +tax USD per Couple for the weekend retreat

$1,450 weeklong initial deposit or $1,200 weekend initial deposit

Personal Retreat Rates:

$2,395 +tax USD per Person

$1,200 initial deposit

Western Spirit Enrichment Center is an Arizona IRS-approved 501 (c)3 non-profit spiritual organization guided by Spirit to keep our prices reasonable so those in need can avail themselves of the services we offer, regardless of financial situation.  Our Sedona women's retreats are all-inclusive of your lodging, all the empowering workshops, exciting outdoor activities, a visit to the Grand Canyon, a spa massage, meditations, and a session with a Native American healer.