One of my favorite prayers and affirmations is this one…..”I have a friend within me who is closer than my shadow…she is my inner, absolute, and perfect Self.”
What does this mean to you? I invite you to become quiet and reflect upon this prayer. Do you trust yourself? Do you rely upon your most “perfect Self.” As spiritual beings let us consider that we ARE spiritually perfect! There is nothing we need do or change. We simply must unlearn all the fears we have been taught and to remember who we truly are! Does this mean to live from our Ego and to become selfish and arrogant? Certainly not. I invite you to ‘let go of and to heal’ all those old beliefs that you are a sinner, or wrong, or bad, or less than. We are powerful Spiritual Beings and we possess the strength of God-Goddess within us Who guides us and loves us. Our most perfect, absolute Self is closer than anything because IT is who we truly are!