Retreat Workshops

Enrich your Life in a unique and exciting way.

Our workshops will guide you gently along a path of self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing, regardless of your faith or religious background. They are based on the universal principle that God is love and all humankind is connected. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or are an ‘advanced soul’, these empowering workshops will enrich your life. Contact us by completing our “Inquiry Form” by clicking here or call us at (602) 540-5808.

Our interactive workshops may include discussions, role-playing, music, meditation, and other creative activities. The format, environment, and very small group setting ensure that you will receive the personal attention and time you need to feel secure, loved, and respected, as we bond through introspective, thought-provoking, and self-challenging exercises. Your full and honest participation is necessary, for you will only receive value from the workshops if you are willing to invest of yourself in them. Contact us by completing our “Inquiry Form” by clicking here or call us at (602) 540-5808.

Choosing your Workshops

Your weekend spiritual retreat program usually includes 6-8 workshops. Please review the workshop descriptions below and choose 6 to 8. After careful meditation, we will integrate your choices with those of our other guests for your retreat.

Since 2001, thousands of Western Spirit guests from all over the world have told us that these powerful workshops have positively changed their lives and left them with a newfound sense of gratitude and spiritual awareness!

Marian Carol

Host & Facilitator, Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Your Workshop Facilitator

Your Co-Host and Workshop Facilitator, Marian Carol, is an experienced Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Counselor with over 25 years of experience. The spiritual and intuitive guidance she receives often dictates the direction of the workshop sessions. Marian’s peaceful and gentle nature, her playfulness, and sense of humor will make you feel at welcome and at ease.

Workshop Details

Workshop Length: Each workshop is approximately 1.5 hours.

Schedule: 2 workshops each morning, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

Number of Workshops: 6-8 workshops in one weekend spiritual retreat.

Location: Workshops take place in the comfortable Healing Arts & Yoga Center in Cottonwood.

Handouts: You will receive a helpful hand-out at the end of each session.

Workshop Choices

To read the workshop descriptions, click on the workshop titles. Those with an * are particularly recommended by the facilitator.

* Living in Balance & Harmony

Creating and maintaining balance in our lives often presents us with many challenges. Often, daily life feels like an out-of-control struggle. Explore the four aspects of self: spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental; and learn to allow each part to flow in harmony with the others, so that no one part of Self drives the life force within you. Experience the inner-peace you long for.

Developing Your Intuition

We are all intuitive. Your intuition is Spirit’s gift to you to help you through life. Learn how to listen to your intuition, trust the messages, and take the necessary actions to express more love and trust, and improve your life.

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Learn to focus positive energy on the law of attraction and manifesting your heart’s desires. Choose to take responsibility for co-creating your dreams with God and learn to surrender control. Claim the life and prosperity you desire!

Chakra Balancing

Discover the hidden energy forces within you that are the seven basic chakras, or power spots. This workshop offers the opportunity of opening up new ways of healing and growth. Our chakras are the key to physical health, emotional balance, and mental clarity. You are invited to participate in a transformation of blocked energy and learn how to facilitate your own chakra balancing.

* Healing Your Spirit

Oftentimes, we find ourselves repeating old patterns. We may feel we are making little progress in life. We may feel empty and alone. Journey through the process of forgiveness, healing old wounds, and transforming blocked energy. Choose to alter your perspective on your past realities and strengthen the loving relationships you now have.

* Choosing Love over Fear

Life is a constant process of choices. Are your choices based on love or fear? Learn helpful guidelines to arrive at the core motivator of your actions. Recognize how choosing love can improve your life.

Living in the Moment

Are you regretful over the past and worried about the future? Choose to focus on always living in the moment, seeing your blessings, and feeling more contentment within. Learn to connect with others, thereby bringing more love and peace into your life and relationships

Nurturing Yourself Through Forgiveness

Unforgiveness can bind us to the past and prevent us from moving forward into a state of spiritual freedom. Develop tools that will help you adjust your attitude, be less judgemental, gain better perspective, and eventually release negativity. Return to the natural state of love in all your relationships.

Listening With Your Heart

Gain the knowledge and develop the tools to learn how to really listen to other people with your heart instead of your head. Know that when you learn to “heart listen”, you share a conversation with someone that includes God. Choose to be a better and more loving listener and partner. Improve your life and relationships significantly.

Strengthening Your Relationships

Discover how to nurture and strengthen all of the relationships in your life—with God, your spouse or partner, family, friends, co-workers, and especially with your Self.

The Languages of Love

People enjoy giving and receiving love in different ways. Explore five basic methods most people use to demonstrate love for others. Learn to identify your primary love language and the love language of those closest to you. Enhance and deepen all of the relationships in your life, including the relationship you have with your significant other, yourself and your God-Spirit within.

Experiencing Enchanted Love

For couples who wish to deepen and strengthen their love relationship. Enchanted partnership begins with the conscious understanding, on the part of two people, that the purpose of their relationship is not so much material as spiritual.

Communicating With Your Angels and Guides

Learn the process of “angel writing” as you open your heart, mind, and higher consciousness to receive guidance from your spiritual committee. Learn how to listen to divine guidance throughout your busy day.

Recognizing Your Abundance

Discover that you already possess all that you need to be happy. Choose to claim it for your life. Know that what you focus your energy on—material prosperity, a great relationship, more love in your life—you have the power to manifest.

Embracing Death and Grief

Life is a process of beginnings and endings as we experience death and grief on many levels. Share in a discussion of the stages of the grieving process and learn from fellow participants. Participation in a guided “letting go” meditation will be offered.


We're happy to answer all your questions and help to clarify your plans.

Workshop Benefits

A Western Spirit spiritual retreat—whether a Personal Retreat, Women’s Retreat, Couples' Retreat, or Executive Retreat—offers the opportunity to enrich your life in a unique, exciting and life-altering way. Through your choice of Workshops, you will be guided to open your heart and reconnect with your authentic Self in a way that will enlighten, inspire, and heal you. You’ll experience intuitive healing and benefit from spiritual guidance, as well as enjoying exciting outdoor healing and meditative activities in sacred and beautiful Sedona and the (optional) awesome Grand Canyon.

We believe that people act as guides, helpmates, and sparks of inspiration for one another. Therefore, our retreats are based on the fundamental truth that each of us has the answers within and we are all traveling on our own individual and unique spiritual journey (even when we are a “couple”). We are examples for each other and when we recognize the light of divinity in each of us, we have valuable lessons we can teach and learn. Through our Spiritual Retreat Workshops, you’ll discover there is no separation of yourself from another. The energy of love is the same in all of us; therefore, we are all one in the universe. Love is our nature; we are love. You must reclaim your capacity for love and joy.

Learn to love yourself and not to worry about the opinion of others. Within the workshops and outside of them, it is important not to judge yourself. If you don’t judge yourself or allow others to judge you, you will see your true divinity. Your happiness comes from within, not from without; not from the reflection of what others think of you. What others think of you is not your concern. You will leave feeling more peaceful, loving, and centered.

As you ask questions about, and search for the meaning of your life, you will come away from your retreat with a renewed sense of Self-esteem, a greater love and respect for yourself and others, and a closer connection to your inner Divine Spirit. You will return to your “regular life” feeling more equipped to deal with daily challenges, more empowered to choose the “right answer” for yourself, and more able to freely access your newly discovered spiritual power.

The Retreat Workshops will be instrumental in assisting you on this journey.