I invite you to take a moment to ask yourself, “am I allowing fear to hold me back or do I step out and into adventure?” We must allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and to take chances and risks. Let us help each other to question our ‘comfortable’ lives and to ask ourselves and each other, “am I living my own full life or someone else’s?” “Am I living my life actively or simply watching someone else’s life?” And…… “Do I experience life through movies, books, social media…instead of living?” Certainly there is nothing wrong with reading books, seeing films, etc., but let us remember (and consider) the importance of balance and harmony. For example, reading a book about adventure is wonderful, YET living your own adventures is paramount. I invite you to sit quietly in meditation and allow your Great Inner Voice (God) to guide you to the next step of your Spiritual Journey of Adventure. Have fun and enjoy!