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Arizona retreats

Marian Carol and her husband, Garrett (Gary) Lowry, invite you to join us for a week’s spiritual retreat of self-discovery and adventurous fun in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. We have passionately followed our intuitive vision by establishing Western Spirit Enrichment Center as a means of sharing our knowledge of spirituality and our immense love of God’s beautiful, healing and enriching nature. Call us now 602-540-5808.


MARIAN CAROL is a gifted spiritual teacher, counselor, humanist, intuitive healer, visionary and psychic. She teaches individuals and couples how to create and attract harmony, peace and love in their lives and relationships by showing us how to open up to Spirit’s light and love. She is known throughout the world for her peaceful and gentle nature, her playfullness and sense of humor. Marian and her husband Gary have over 20 years of research and study into the higher consciousness, the perfecting of spiritual harmony, and the law of attraction and manifesting. She is featured in the book “The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives”. She is also the author of a popular meditation CD, “ONE BREATH, ONE SPIRIT, Guided Meditations by Marian Carol”, which can be ordered at Marian grew up in the Chicago area where she worked as an actor, director, and teacher. Her extensive experience as an educator includes teaching at all age levels and facilitating hundreds of spiritual workshops and retreats. Through her workshops, Marian has proven the intention and dedication of her healing and teaching ministry in assisting others on their personal spiritual journey. She has worked over the years with thousands of people to improve their lives, helping them to love themselves again and resolve the blocks that have held them back, to discover within their incredible resources and talents that have helped turn their lives around, to forgive and heal, to achieve the success and happiness they have dreamed about, and improve their relationships with themselves, their partner, family, co-workers, and Spirit. Marian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Arts from Loyola University, a Master’s Degree in Education from Dominican University, and successfully completed the summer program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Her extensive European travels, and past residences in Rome and London, aid her in bringing a wealth of knowledge and life experience to her work. Her varied experiences as an actor, director, educator, professional facilitator, motivational speaker and trainer, and Unity chaplain have taught her interpersonal skills that have become invaluable in her work. Her rapport with people and her ability to listen with her heart draw people to her from all walks of life.

In the mid-1990s, she received spiritual guidance that led her to know she would be leaving the Midwest and moving westward. She fearlessly followed her heart and settled in Arizona, where she continues to explore, expand, and deepen her spirituality. Her strong faith in God and Divine Order has led her to manifest many incredible experiences in her life. Her intuitive and psychic abilities have been present since childhood, but as she focused more on her spiritual development, these gifts have become stronger, more evident, and more easily accessed. Marian has used these exceptional gifts to benefit herself and hundreds of others.

She has always been an avid believer in sharing her skills by volunteering her time and talents in many different capacities. She was the host, writer, and producer of her own radio talk show for CRIS (Chicagoland Radio Information Service). She has also shared her talents and resources with numerous community and charitable organizations, both in Illinois and Arizona. Marian considers the balance of mind, body, and spirit of the utmost importance. She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, biking, rock and mountain climbing, camping, kayaking, whitewater rafting, swimming, and western dancing. She is a trained Chaplain and practices yoga and meditation.


If you can’t join us for (or afford) the week’s retreat, then learn
how you can personally speak with or meet
MARIAN CAROL. You can schedule a one-on-one spiritual consultation, healing, or retreat guidance via telephone or email, or visit in person with MARIAN if you are in the Sedona area.
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GARRETT (Gary) LOWRY is a passionate and experienced outdoorsman and adventurer who enjoys running, rock and mountain climbing, wilderness camping, downhill skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, piloting his glider soarplane, and western dancing. He has competed in hundreds of 10k road races, marathons, and triathlons. As a cowboy, he is also an experienced horseback rider who has owned many horses throughout his career. He has traveled extensively worldwide, but has been drawn to the west all his life and moved to Arizona in the 1980s from St. Louis to enjoy the extensive outdoor opportunities available here. He possesses a broad knowledge of the rich history of the “old west” and Native American culture, as well as the incredible beauty of Arizona, and has been guiding people on adventurous activites and tours here for over 20 years.

His spirituality has grown significantly over the past two decades and is manifested in his practice of Hatha and Siddha Yoga, Tai Chi, and daily meditation. He strongly believes in sharing his blessings and giving back to others through numerous types of charitable and community service he is involved with. Garrett has trained and practiced as a Stephen Minister and a Unity Chaplain. He currently works with local inmates in a pioneer mentoring program. He is also a graduate of the Phoenix Valley Leadership program. Garrett continually seeks to expand his consciousness and enlightenment through meditation and connecting with the God-Spirit within.

Garrett has over forty years of experience in the business world and has founded several successful companies, including an adventurous activities tourist business in the Phoenix area. In addition, he spent many years as a successful financial consultant and investment manager for several major Wall Street firms. He also served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Officer and in the Finance Corp.