Lately, we have been thinking about the spiritual concept of detachment. How does one love, especially people, without any attachment to them? And precisely, what does it mean to love without attachment? Does it mean one does not care deeply and therefore is not saddened by loss?
To live without attachment does not mean we do not experience love, joy, and sorrow. It means that we are able to love deeply and yet surrender to the greatest good. We love deeply and know that everything is in Divine Order. We experience each and every moment, fully and deeply, and then move forward in trust. We know intuitively that everything is for our highest good. We accept the impermanence of all worldly “things” including people yet still firmly believe that Divine Love is eternal.
In your private time of prayer and meditation, ask your Higher Self to reveal to you the wisdom, guidance, and personal direction that is meant especially for your spiritual journey. Each one of us has our own lessons to learn. May the Universe bless you abundantly…