What past visitors have said about Western Spirit Retreats.

Peace, Love, Joy

Where do I begin to thank you both for all the peace, love and joy I take back home with me? Thank you for opening up your hearts and sharing your gifts with me.

Dora A.

The only mediation CD that I can listen to…

Taking the time to meditate is a challenge for me. Listening to Marian’s calming voice and easy-to-follow steps allows me to take the time for myself, get in touch with my authentic Self, and feel refreshed for whatever comes my way. It’s been the only mediation CD that I can listen to…and the nice part is that it can be listened to in tracks or the whole CD at once. Thank you Marian for sharing your gifts with us.

Amy S.

A Wonderful Week

Thank you so much for a wonderful week. My spiritual growth has been amazing!

Laura M.

What a Blessing

What a blessing…the start of a new journey and growth!

Chris P.

Helping me see my Path to Happiness

I appreciate all that you did for me by helping me see my path to happiness and fulfillment. I am so grateful for the spiritual healing and insight. I know now that life is a journey and true happiness comes from within.

Nathan S.

The retreat completely changed my life for the better.

After I returned home my approach to life completely changed. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude that I feel for you both for the truth that you awakened in me. My relationships with my fiance, friends and family have significantly changed and improved. I am completely at peace with myself now. I now take life moment to moment and it is a wonderful journey. With your help, my stay at Western Spirit has completely changed my life for the better. I like to call it my rebirth. I mention your retreat center to everyone who asks what has enabled me to change. God bless you both for the guidance you offer people.


My Experience Was Amazing!

My experience here was amazing! What I’m walking away with is priceless. Marian, what a gentle spirit you are and what a gift of intuition you have. Gary, you are a gentleman, scholar, cowboy, shaman and comedian. Peace and blessings to you both always!

Atiba M.

The workshops were outstanding and enlightening!

A very positive experience, the food was great and the workshops were outstanding and enlightening. Your place is beautiful and the activities were excellent and a lot of fun.

John & Lisa

One can sense her angelic guidance…

Each time I listen to Marian’s meditation CD, One Breath, One Spirit, my breath slows down, which then helps me to slow down my thoughts. AS I listen and go deeper, my inner guidance becomes more familiar to me. Through each phrase that Marian speaks, one can sense her angelic guidance desiring to be helpful to all. Through the presence of Spirit, one can become transformed through healing and forgiveness.

Bill M.

The week was great!

What warm and attentive hospitality! The week was great!

Doug & Linda

Takes me to the center of my heart…

I really enjoy Marian’s CD. It’s wonderful! The music is great and the five meditation tracks are very helpful, very to the point, and takes me to the center of my heart. This CD gives me a guided approach to meditation, and I really like that.

Ken C.

Fantastic experience!

It was a fantastic experience, something for the mind, body and soul, taught with warmth and love. Thank you for everything.


I love Marian’s meditation CD!

I am now able to slip into a deep meditation very quickly after only a few weeks. Her voice is very lulling and soothing, which is perfect for a deep meditation. Thank you so much!

Margie T.

Spirit Guided Me to You

On my seemingly endless quest for happiness and peace, Spirit guided me to you and I am ever so grateful!

Kendra L.

Sets the tone superbly…

I find Marian’s CD sets the tone superbly with the nature sounds, her flute playing, and her soothing voice for a peaceful meditation experience.

Grace S.

Went beyond my every expectation!

Thank you both for blessing me with the best week I’ve had in years. Your spiritual retreat has met my every expectation and gone beyond it. You are both inspirations. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to me and making me feel very comfortable and accepted each day.


Truly Grateful

Thank you hardly seems like enough for all you’ve given me. I am truly grateful to you for opening my eyes and my heart.

Lisa M.

Big and Open Hearts

You both have such big and open hearts and your own spiritual beliefs were constant reminders to me of what I wanted to gain and heal from this experience. You made me feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed. You give so many blessings to others. I also appreciated the good food and the abundance of it. Thank you for a very special week.


Will help our relationship continue to grow.

We were really impressed with your organization and attention to detail. Our favorite workshop was “Experiencing Enchanted Love” and the ideas we received will help our relationship continue to grow. We appreciated everything, the food was excellent, the hospitality exceptionally wonderful!

Roy & Caroline

Safe and Spiritual Environment

Although the combination of spirituality, kind people and nature made the spiritual retreat so special, it was the workshops that had the most impact on me. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with them. The atmosphere you set provided me with a safe and spiritual environment that gave me the security to examine my fears and get clarity on what I want and where I’m trying to go.


A healing, Spirit-filled week!

Thank you for a healing, Spirit-filled and adventurous week. We thank God for being led here. We wish you love, peace and blessings in all you do!

Khummet & Richard

Way beyond our expectations!

The entire experience was way beyond our expectations. You opened our hearts to knowing God and ourselves in ways we never thought possible. You have taught us so much about love, acceptance, caring, challenge, and laughter.

Pat & Tom

I am a stronger, happier person.

Everything was wonderful! You have helped me see my blessings. I am a stronger and happier person thanks to the blessings and lessons I received from you.


Nothing Short of Miraculous

The gifts you have given me are nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for sharing your love and light with the world.

Tara C.

Gifted Teaching

Because of Marian’s gifted teaching, I am able to grow and expand spiritually so much. The entire week was a vanilla & chocolate ice cream sundae with a cherry on top!

Fran C.

Simplicity and Humbleness

Your simplicity and humbleness are so refreshing. You both consistently exude love. I have a new understanding of spirituality and love.

Sonia L.

Wonderfully healing and relaxing.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your lives with me. I’ve had a wonderfully healing and relaxing time here.


Hands-on Healing

I experienced a hands-on healing session with Marian that was so much more than I ever expected. There were some trapped issues from over thirty years ago that Marian connected with intuitively. I could finally see how much they were affecting my life today. I trusted her completely with some very delicate matters and felt safe and comfortable in her care. The session was a key piece to helping me meet my goal to live my life “in the moment” and not be molded or attached to “what was”. This session was a life-changing experience for me!

Linda H.

A loving environment of caring trust!

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality in a loving environment of caring trust. It was very caring, supportive and well organized.


a perfect environment

Thank you so much for a perfect environment. We learned so much, laughed a lot, connected to nature and reached for our inner spirit.

Randy & Linda

a wonderful experience; safe, comfortable and welcomed!

It was a wonderful experience and great memories. From the moment I met you both I felt safe, comfortable and welcomed. Thank you so much for helping me on my spiritual path.


Choosing to come here was a great decision…magical!

Have never been happier or healthier. Words cannot express my gratitude. I know your evaluation form only has three rating levels, 1 to 3 (great). I had to rate my week with you a 4, however, for “magical”! I know that my journey through life will be dramatically different because of my time spent with you. I will always send my blessings and love to you!

Wonderfully Intuitive

I can truly say from the bottom of my heart how much I enjoyed my stay here. Everything was fabulous, fun, interesting and wonderfully intuitive. I am truly grateful!

Mitzi W.

You are an inspiration!

Thank you for the opportunity to learn, share and grow. You are an inspiration and will not be forgotten. Much love to you both!

Sherida & Nick

Warm, loving environment and safe, inviting workshops.

What a warm, loving environment with great food, safe and inviting workshops, and unbelievable, wonderful and exciting activities! You gave me the tools and the power to heal myself.


It surpassed all expectations I could have had!

I can’t begin to tell you how much this week meant to me—spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I was “blown away”. What wonderful hosts you are! Thank you for all the thoughtful, kind, and gracious opportunities to learn that you provided me, and for the whole wonderful experience.

Barbara, CA

I highly recommend this CD!

These beautiful meditations open an opportunity to meditate at any given moment. When I find myself in need of settling down and calming my emotions, it’s comforting to relax and have Marian’s calm, soothing voice lead a meditation. I have also very much enjoyed track four, I Create My Day, as a great way to begin my day. I highly recommend this CD!

Jeanette S.

More Wonderful than My Wildest Dreams

Thank you both for making my 50th birthday week more wonderful than my wildest dreams! I know I was guided to be here.

Rona M.

A Perfect Place for Healing

Thank you both for one of the most special weeks of my life. The beauty of Arizona, the outdoor activities in nature, the workshops and your strong sense of spirituality were a perfect combination. Your ranch is such a perfect place inside and outside for healing. I truly loved all the adventurous activities we did. Nothing can beat the Grand Canyon tour, but the trip to Sedona and all the fun activities there was my favorite day.


An Amazing Experience

It was such an amazing experience. I’m glad I followed my intuition.

Bill W.

An Amazing Experience

Thank you for an amazing experience. I really feel much better about my personal situation now and will not try to control it.

Michelle B.

What a Gift

What a gift you both are. I am truly grateful God placed me in your path.

Janet M.

Highly Recommend a Session

I have no doubt about Marian’s intuition and clairvoyance. But even more, she seems to do everything from a place of love and generosity. If she has a mission in life, it must be to shine light on everything and everyone she touches. I would highly recommend a phone session to anyone in need of spiritual healing or guidance. Better yet, if you are able to go in person, attend one of the retreats—it will be one of the most uplifting and enjoyable things you’ll ever do.

Mellissa R.

A most memorable and spirit-filled week!

Thank you for graciously hosting what has turned out to be a most memorable and spirit-filled week. Your work, warmth and humor have been a blessing to me. I return to New York rejuvenated. Keep up the work that God has called you to do.



The time spent with you and nature was wonderful! You are both so giving and inspirational.

Shannon M.

The Right Time, the Right Place, the Right People

Many times when we interact with someone, we do not know how we touch or change their lives. This was the moment—the right time, the right place, the right people. The ripple of your touches will echo throughout the universe!

Vincent & Karin S.

A velvet voice…

Marian Carol has a real gift; with a velvet voice she gently leads the listener to a safe place of healing, peace, and expansion. I’m glad to know it will always be available to me whenever I need centering and a little help in processing my Soul work.

Jennifer M.

Finding Clarity

I spent a week in retreat at Western Spirit in 2006 and Marian helped me a great deal after my divorce. I also had the pleasure of recently spending another day with Marian for a healing session. She helped me get to the core of my issues and find clarity on what path I wished to take next. My time spent with Marian helped me to get grounded. Her healing energy and spirit are absolutely wonderful!

Sue B.

Gentle and Compassionate

I feel that Marian is very gracious in sharing her gifts. She does so in a very gentle and compassionate way, yet straight forward. I really appreciate her sense of humor, also. It helps to remind me that as seriously as I may be taking a situation, there’s a bigger picture to keep in mind, and that it’s good to step back, take some deep breaths, and laugh. My telephone session with Marian provided invaluable insight about myself, as well as information that helped me to truly understand two relationships that otherwise remained painful and made no sense to me. On top of offering this insight, Marian also gave me some tools (well, actually made me aware of what I can do on my own from within) to help keep me in a peaceful and calm place. I am so grateful for how, in just one session, she has helped me in ways that words just can’t describe.

Sue F.

The Greatest Value

We had one of the most wonderful and important times here for us as a couple. The significance of what you offer is the greatest value I could ever imagine giving another person.

Randy F.

An incredible week!

Thank you for an incredible week. We’ll keep living in the moment and never stop laughing.

Dawn & Ernie

You Have Given Me My Life Back

You have given me my life back and opened my eyes to the love and joy that was in me and lost. I wouldn’t feel it if it wasn’t for your joy, happiness, spirituality and compassion.

Deborah M.

Perfect mix of spirituality and excitement; amazing experience!

Thank you so much for such a special week. I loved every minute I was there; it was the perfect mix of spirituality and excitement. Everything was so diverse, interesting and fun, with the best massage I’ve ever had, and the food so delicious! I learned so much from the workshops and I’m excited about putting everything into practice. Thank you both for all you gave and shared with me. I learned so much, especially how rich my life is.

Margaret, England

A wonderful and blessed experience!

We have taken another step on our spiritual path with gratitude and acceptance.

Tom & Pati

Spiritual Journey

I know I was suppose to meet you on my trip through the USA, so I can continue my spiritual journey and expand all the wisdom and insights you provided me.

Ingeborg C.

Forever Blessed by the Experience

We are grateful for our visit here which has made us more enlightened, more joyful, more centered and more committed. We shall be forever blessed by this experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the light of your spirit with us.

Kovan & Sandra S.

The Path to Happiness

Thank you for showing me my path to happiness and fulfillment lies within and for the spiritual healing.

Nathan S.

Wisdom, Beauty, Grace

There is wisdom, beauty and grace in this place and in both of you.

Linda P.

The service you provide is a great one!

The week was a great way for us to become grounded as we look to our future together. We loved all the workshops, but our favorites were “Strengthening Your Relationships” and “Listening With Your Heart”. Our greatest lesson was that we co-create with God.

John & Andrea

A wonderful experience for mind and body!

The week was great from start to finish, a wonderful experience for mind and soul. It was a wonderful week, exactly what I needed. You provided me with the tools I need to continue to grow. The area is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed every one of the outdoor activities.


Absolute Inspirations

You are both absolute inspirations to me as I continue my journey. Thank you for your guidance, honesty, knowledge and hospitality. This was surely my best vacation ever!

Amy S.

A great, fun adventure of body, mind and spirit!

We feel we have grown together and gained invaluable tools to better communicate. A great, fun adventure of body, mind and spirit!

Frank & Michelle

You have inspired us!

Thank you for bringing Spirit more fully present within us. The couples’ workshops and adventures were great!

Robert & Linda

Every experience was amazing!

I learned so much from your enlightening workshops and will take those lessons with me wherever I go. Every experience was amazing! Thank you so much for making my dream come true!


Greater than I could have imagined!

Thank you both for sharing and for helping me remember who I am. These are truly remarkable gifts and nourishment for the soul you offer in love.

Barbara, Canada

Highly recommend this to others; changed my heart!

I would highly recommend this to others. It really opened my eyes and changed my heart. This week was a blessing and I feel like I’ve taken a huge step in my spirituality. I have a new and more positive outlook on life. All the activities were great fun and made me feel closely connected to nature. Your home is absolutely beautiful and refreshing.


I am love and light!

My intuition could never have been more right when I was drawn to your retreat center. I leave with a new direction in life, trusting Spirit. I am love and light.


Balance and Harmony

Live in the now, trust my intuition, breathe consciously! Thank you for this wonderful retreat. You both are great examples of balance and harmony.

Mayling C.

Thank you for your warmth and your love!

Thank you for your insights, your warmth, your love and your sharing. We had a wonderful experience at the couples retreat and we know we will apply much from your workshops. Many blessings to you both!

Gregg & Patty

A perfect blend of personal/spiritual work and great adventures.

Thank you for sharing with such open and pure hearts. I’ve so enjoyed being here with you this week. Thank you for the many spiritual reminders.


Our best vacation ever!

We learned so much and brought back so many things to incorporate more fully into our lives. You helped us remember how near we are to the Source of all things and about the abundance of Spirit. Thank you for helping us grow in Spirit, truth and love, for a healing retreat and a nourishing vacation, and for following your dream!

Dave & Patricia, IL

A True Gift

Meeting you and spending the week at Western Spirit was a true gift. You both have a beautiful spirit. I will always remember this vacation and my spirit is forever thankful!

Claudine E.

Sacred Messages

I am so grateful for my intuitive phone session with Marian. I felt she offered me information that I was previously unwilling to acknowledge. Marian moved this information into my awareness in a way that felt safe and comfortable to me. I knew I was receiving messages very sacred to my personal growth. I feel blessed to have met Marian.

Ellen C.

a service unlike any other; your heart’s work!

I am grateful for the experiences, friendships and growth. You provide a service unlike any other. Please continue to do your hearts’ work—we need it.


I am speechless after this incredible week!

I am speechless after this incredible week. Thank you both so much!


Positive Change

There are some things you do in life that you know you’ll never be the same—this is truly one of them!

Mary L.


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