Judgment is an activity of the mind not the heart. Love is an activity of the heart. It is your heart that is your God-Center, the place where Spirit dwells. It is the place you can most connect with the God Spirit within you. When in doubt or fear, simply place your hand on your physical heart (your chest) and close your eyes. BREATHE! Tune in to that still, quiet Voice within you and listen to the guidance that is coming through you. Relax. Do not analyze the message. Analysis is usually of the Ego-mind not of the Divine Mind. Quiet your mind with a loving breath. Sometimes we must ask our minds to be quiet.  This is simply being the observer of your thinking. Recognize that you are “more than your thoughts.” You do not have to believe everything you think! We invite you to believe in what you intuitively feel and divinely know. TRUST. You are more than anything that moves within you…you are an extension of the Creator. You are a Divine creation. Turn to Divine Love. Always turn towards what you desire to create.