Learn to choose love over fear

Learn to improve your Self-esteem

Learn to release past trauma


Discover your intuitive nature

Discover your purpose in life

Discover peace, love and joy


Experience empowering relationship workshops

Experience a renewed love connection

Experience forgiveness and healing




Western Spirit’s Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Connecting People to Spirit and Nature

You’ve taken a ordinary vacation before. Now take a spiritual retreat of me-time and self-care (4 days, Fri-Mon) that will positively empower and transform your life, bring you inner peace, increased self-love, emotional healing, greater personal awareness and sense of purpose, and substantial improvements in health and well-being at Western Spirit Enrichment Center’s Sedona spiritual retreats. Call us at (602) 540-5808 or contact us by completing our INQUIRY FORM here to learn more about transforming your life. 

Western Spirit is universally recognized as one of the best spiritual retreats in the U.S. Check out our hundreds of testimonials from past retreat guests and our dozens of 5-star Google reviews!

"Above and beyond what I came for! An amazing program!"

– Cali, 2023

"Best experience my wife and I ever had as a couple!"

– Mark & Brie, 2023

"A truly life-changing and inspirational week!"

– Sarah, 2020

Individual Retreats

Your own personal journey of self-discovery.

Couples' Retreats

Reconnect as a couple and grow together.

Business Retreats

Inspiring recreation, professional development, and team-building.

Retreats in Italy

Connect with like-minded people for a 7-day spiritual experience in beautiful Tuscany, Italy!

2024 Italy Retreat Weeks
Choose July 7-13 or July 21-27, 2024

"Thank you for providing the tools to positively change my life!"

– Chris, 2019

"Fantastic experience! 5 stars for sure!"

– Amina, 2022

Six questions you should ask before you book your retreat:

1. How much experience does the retreat organization have and what are the qualifications of the retreat facilitator?

Western Spirit has been offering Sedona spiritual retreats to guests worldwide since 2001 (that’s 22 years of experience!). Our retreat founder and workshop facilitator, Marian Carol, MS.Ed., has led hundreds of retreats with thousands of guests and is featured in the book “The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives”. She is a gifted spiritual teacher, humanist, intuitive healer, meditation leader, and visionary who guides individuals and couples to create and attract harmony, mindfulness, peace and love in their lives and relationships. She is known throughout the world for her extenisive holistic knowledge and experience, peaceful and gentle nature, her playfulness, laughter and sense of humor. Please review our hundreds of testimonials from past spiritual retreat guests and our dozens of Google 5-star reviews. (Marian & Garrett, I think of you two everyday! You absolutely changed my life. I now meditate and angel write daily. I quit drinking; I secured a new job; and I am studying to be a counselor. I became a Reiki practitioner last year and I found my life’s purpose and I remembered who I really am at my soul’s core. You guys are truly angels on earth!! – a recent retreat guest in 2022) 

Click our no-obligation INQUIRY FORM here if you are ready to improve your life.

Sedona spiritual retreats

2. What will I experience during this Sedona spiritual retreat?

What you learn and achieve during your Sedona spiritual retreat depends primarily on you. With the proper attitude, intention and follow-up, you will experience a strictly confidential, transformative, life-changing weekend of 1) self-discovery and inner reflection, 2) learn to honor your suppressed emotions, 3) forgive and heal past trauma and old wounds, 4) transform fear into love, 5) develop your intuitive guidance, 6) improve your relationships, 7) learn your true purpose in life, 8) increase your self-esteem, 9) discover inner peace, love and joy, and 10) change your life into one of abundance and gratitude.

3. Where is the retreat located?

Western Spirit is centered in Sedona, AZ, once voted “the most beautiful city in America”. It is located in red rock country at 4,500 ft elevation and is renown for its natural beauty and superior outdoor opportunities. Sedona also has a worldwide reputation as a serene spiritual destination known for its sacred vortex sites, that is, “power spots” long identified by past indigenous people for their spiritual healing energy. Your Sedona spiritual retreat will include numerous empowering workshops and meditations held in a nearby Healing Arts Center and significant time in exciting outdoor activities in Sedona.

4. What will be the cost of my Sedona spiritual retreat and will I have private accommodations?

Western Spirit’s spiritual retreat rates are simple and direct: $2,395 (+ tax) for individuals and $2,895 (+ tax) for couples. Our Sedona spiritual retreats are all-inclusive of your 4 nights private room lodging in Sedona, all the empowering workshops, and the outdoor activities. Meals are not included because we have found that guests have differing food tastes and budgetary limitations. Additional Sedona activities or souvenirs you may wish to choose on your own will be extra costs for you. Because we are a 501c3 non-profit organization, our spiritual retreat rates are among the lowest and best value in the Sedona area.

5. What types of Sedona spiritual retreats do you offer and what is the size of your retreat groups?

Western Spirit is a small, all-inclusive (non-religious & non-denominational) organization that accepts only 4 to 5 guests at a time, allowing more time for personal attention, bonding and group synergy. We offer personal retreats, women’s retreats, couples retreats and marriage retreats.

6. What is included in my Sedona spiritual retreat?

Your Western Spirit Sedona spiritual retreat is all inclusive of: 1) your comfortable private lodging in a local inn for four nights (Thu-Sun), 2) eight empwering and life-changing workshops, 3) daily guided meditations and mindfulness practices, 4) a session with a Native American intuitive, 5) a tour of Sedona’s beauty and energy, 6) a visit to an ancient Indian ruins, and 8) a nurturing spa massage. No other Sedona retreat offers you so much for so little!

Improve your life now!  Learn more by completing our no-obligation “INQUIRY FORM” here or call us at (602) 540-5808. Our goal is to be here when you need us. Please call us with the weekend you have in mind for your spiritual retreat. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Or join Western Spirit for a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime 2024 Italy Retreat – Choose the week of July 7-13 or July 21-27, 2024 in Tuscany!

"Highly recommend this retreat as an investment in yourself."

– John, 2023

"They gave me the tools and resources to believe in myself again!"

– Amie, 2022

Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Spiritual retreats intended to improve your life!

 Western Spirit offers you a safe and welcoming place where you will be loved, accepted and appreciated completely for who you are. You will be gently guided along a transformative path of self-care and discovery, positive personal growth and inner healing regardless of your religious affiliation, faith background or personal lifestyle at your Sedona spiritual retreat. Click our no-obligation INQUIRY FORM here to learn more about transforming your life now.

mind, body, spirit retreats

Past retreat guests have visited us from all over the world and from all faith and religious backgrounds. We believe and operate on the universal principle that Spirit (God) is love, all humankind is connected, and we all have our own personal answers within, regardless of our upbringing, faith, religious background, or current belief system. You are welcomed here at our Sedona spiritual retreats and cherished for your unique gifts and being.

Enrich, Empower and Transform your Life Now!

You are invited to forgive, heal, and grow, during a weekend of discovering the awesome inner Spirit of YOU and exploring the beauty of Arizona through a Sedona spiritual retreat.

Women's retreats in Sedona

You will learn ways to enrich, empower and transform your life, and reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness. Western Spirit’s Sedona spiritual retreats are based on the fundamental truth that each of us has our own answers within and we are all traveling on our own individual and unique spiritual journey.

You will leave your Sedona spiritual retreat feeling more peaceful, loving, centered, and empowered to choose the “right answer” for yourself. Thousands of our worldwide past guests since 2001 have told us that these empowering Sedona spiritual retreats have changed their lives and left them with an awakened sense of gratitude and spiritual awareness! Click our no-obligation INQUIRY FORM here to learn more about discovering your joy.

Your 4-Day Spiritual Retreat Includes:

Why Choose Western Spirit's Sedona Spiritual Retreats?

Unparalleled Experience: Western Spirit has been offering Sedona spiritual retreats worldwide to individuals and couples since 2001. Your guides, Marian and Garrett, have over 50 years of combined experience guiding people on their spiritual journey in Arizona.

Exceptionally Low Rates: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit spiritual organization without the need to profit from your business, we can offer you the lowest retreat rates in the Sedona area. Our rates are simple and direct: $2,395 per individual or $2,895 per couple for the weekend (Fri-Mon) retreat. As a non-profit, we strive to maintain our low rates so anyone in need of our services can choose to attend our retreats. To receive additional information, please click this "contact us" link to learn more or email us at [email protected], or call us at (602) 540-5808. You'll be glad you did!

All-Inclusive Packages: Our Sedona spiritual retreat experience includes your comfortable local lodging, empowering healing meditations and workshops, and outdoor activities and tours of Sedona. You don’t have to worry about researching and finding credible vendors or healers, nor your own lodging. We offer a complete experience, not a “concierge service”. Your weekend is worry-free and allows you to focus on the true purpose of your retreat — reflection, self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing.


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Marian and her husband Garrett, your hosts and guides, bring to their retreat guests over 50 years of combined research and study into higher consciousness, the perfecting of spiritual harmony, and the law of attraction and manifesting. Their personal journey and extensive experience providing spiritual guidance and emotional healing to thousands has given them invaluable insight and intuitive ability in guiding countless truth seekers from all over the world on their spiritual journey of inner growth and positive transformation to gain a newfound sense of deep gratitude and profound spiritual awareness! Together, Marian and Garrett host and facilitate the Retreat Workshops, Outdoor Adventures, and Corporate Events.


We're happy to answer all your questions and help to clarify your plans.

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Western Spirit Enrichment Center is an Arizona 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Your heartfelt tax-deductible contributions, coupled with our guest income, enables Western Spirit to continue to connect with individuals from all over the world and to assist them in making improvements in their lives.