“That seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem. It’s your reaction that has you shaking. That’s why, if you’ll become conscious of a fearful condition instead of afraid of it, you’ll change forever your relationship with fear.” Guy Finley

We understand that it does not seem possible sometimes, let alone easy, to choose Divine Love and Peace instead of fear. However, please consider that it is very much your own choice in each and every moment whether or not you choose love or fear. We are not suggesting that you become unaware of  everything around you……only that you develop strong self-awareness and realize that you have the power to choose. When we choose LOVE we are connecting with Source and all its power.  When we choose fear we are separating ourselves from Source and forgetting that we are powerful Spiritual Beings. In all challenging times we certainly must use common sense.  However, please do not allow yourself to become drawn into the extreme fears of other people. Breathe, relax, choose peace, choose calm. Remember to listen to the INNER VOICE that is the Creator guiding you. Perhaps we are all being called upon to evolve into better versions of ourselves. Choose peace. Choose serenity. Choose God.