I am of one Divine Mind and Heart with all beings.
We are coming from our Ego-mind if we think that we are right and another sentient being is wrong. I invite you to remember that when we feel ‘in love’ with all beings we are in alignment with our blessed Creator. We cannot know what is appropriate for another’s spiritual journey. We must not judge. And yet, the Ego-mind says, ‘but I know what is right and everyone must do things my way. Everyone must think as I do.” When we think these thoughts and feel these emotions we are separating ourselves from one another and thereby feeling a separation from our Creator. Even though it is impossible to be separated from Creator, we can feel it very strongly. Let us keep in mind the old adage, ‘let’s agree to disagree’, for that is what respect is.  Respect is a quality that can be nurtured more within ourselves in order to better our world. Consider that if you do not demonstrate respect for yourself it is rather difficult to offer it to someone else. When we respect one another’s thoughts and feelings we give unconditional love and (of course) love, by its very nature, is unconditional. In our culture, it is very easy to verbally attack those who do not think as we do. But whom are you truly attacking? It is yourself.