Because wonderful and extraordinary things will happen for you.

You’ll be taking a break that will renew you physically, mentally and spiritually.

There’s a synergy that happens when you step out of your usual daily routine. You’ll choose to eat better, get more satisfying sleep, slow down your mind and body, engage in self-discovery and renewal, and reestablish your priorities. Imagine a few days without work, no emails or annoying phones, no long business drives, or that always-pressing list of things to do. Imagine taking the time to learn something new for yourself, to heal and forgive, to discover a better and more satisfying way to live. There’ll be time to watch a sunset, exercise your body, meet new and interesting people, and reflect on the healing power of nature.

At a Western Spirit retreat, you’ll learn how to choose love over fear in difficult situations, to discover the peace, love and joy you deserve. You’ll ponder the reasons you’re here in this world and what your true purpose in life is. Your many different relationships (couples and otherwise) can be reexamined and improved. Your self-esteem will grow as you release old wounds and trauma, resulting in resetting your habits and commitments, and loving yourself again.

A Western Spirit retreat in magical Sedona will open your eyes to the beauty of nature that surrounds you. The red rocks, colorful desert plants, assorted animals, and star-filled night sky will lighten your spirit and fill you with awe and appreciation. A few days of learning new ways to live your life, of observing ordinary things with renewed appreciation, of meditation and reflection, of remembering who you truly are, will recharge and reset your spirit.

Book your retreat today and take that courageous next step to improving your life!