QUOTATION: “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The last time we were in Chicago visiting friends and family, and offering our Sedona spiritual retreats, we were blessed to be able to park our RV at the Unity Church of Oak Park. Oak Park is the birthplace of Hemmingway, the site of many Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and one of the most beautiful suburbs west of the bustling big city of Chicago. It is called Oak Park because (yes, you guessed it) it is filled with huge gorgeous oak trees. We parked our RV in the shade under many of these lovely old oaks and were blessed with the intermittent banging of fallen acorns on the metal roof of our RV. I intuitively felt that I was meant to receive a message in all this banging. It was as if these acorns were communicating to me. Clunk…’pay attention.’ Clunk…live in the now in mind, body and spirit!’ Bang…’I may be a tiny seed but I make a lot of noise.’ Bang…’hello, what are you being called to be, do, or say?’ Bang…’what greatness lies within you?’

Early one morning, before my meditation, I gently picked up one of the acorns that lay scattered across the parking lot. I was instantly reminded that everything the mighty oak becomes is already in this tiny, tiny acorn seed! Let us remember that everything our loving & mighty Divine Self is to BE is actually already within us. Our spiritual journey is about remembering who we are, not becoming something. We are already Divine. We are already loving, strong, wise, knowing, trusting ,kind, etc.; we have simply forgotten! We have allowed our physical world to cloud these Truths. Perhaps now is a good time to wake up and help each other remember who we truly are.

I suggest that instead of praying to become something…that you pray in gratitude that all of these qualities (and many more!) are within you and that they be revealed to you in Divine Timing. Trust and know with certainty that they are already within you. You are a pure spiritual being! From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow!

Marian and Garrett