AFFIRMATION: “Life is either a daring adventure…or nothing! (Helen Keller)  I am open to new adventures!

MESSAGE: When I (Marian) was 5 years old, my parents loaded up the family station wagon with their 5 children and camping gear and drove from the suburbs of Chicago all the way west to Wyoming and Colorado. We camped in the wilderness and for the first time I saw 14,000 foot mountains, Old Faithful geyser, bears, deer, beautiful thick forests, rushing rivers, and more . . . and that, my friends, was my first taste of real adventure! My Spirit was hooked.
When I was 20 years old I flew for the first time in an airplane! I was going to live in Rome, Italy for a year. What an exciting experience for one so young. I had always been a quiet, shy girl and I returned home a sophisticated woman. During that year abroad, I created many new experiences for myself and numerous adventures. Yes, at times I was afraid or apprehensive, but my Inner Voice, the Spiritual Guidance of my Higher Self, was a companion that I learned to trust and rely upon. I remember my first train trip by myself. I wanted to visit Florence and all of my friends were off exploring other places. Yes, I was nervous at first, but I chose NOT to allow that to stop me from making the journey. Traveling alone, even dining alone, helped me to gain a confidence and sense of Self that has helped me to grow as a person and a Spiritual Being.
I invite you to take a moment to ask yourself, “am I allowing fear to hold me back or do I step out and into adventure?” We must allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and take chances and risks. Let us help each other to question our ‘comfortable’ lives and to ask ourselves and each other, “Am I living my own life or someone else’s?”, “Am I living my life actively or simply watching someone else’s life?” And…… “Do I experience life through movies, books, social media…instead of living?” Certainly there is nothing wrong with reading books, seeing films, etc., but let us remember (and consider) the importance of balance and harmony. For example, reading a book about adventure is wonderful, YET living your own adventures is paramount. I invite you to sit quietly in meditation and allow your Great Inner Voice (Spirit) to guide you to the next step of your Spiritual Journey of Adventure. Have fun and enjoy! Consider an adventurous transformational retreat at

In the Love of Adventure, Marian and Garrett
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