A few years ago, I had driven to Phoenix, which is approximately 100 miles south of the Sedona area, where we live. I was driving my 18-year-old Saturn, which has always been a very reliable car. I spent a wonderful day in Phoenix sharing spiritual heart connections with friends. Before embarking on the long journey home, I decided to stop for gas. After filling up the tank, I turned the engine on, but the indicator needle for the gas tank remained on ‘empty.’ A warning light flashed on the dashboard and a bell began to sound, in a most alarming way I might add, no pun intended, indicating that the gas tank was indeed empty. I turned the engine off and restarted the car, thinking that the electrical system would reset itself. No, still on the red E. I thought to myself, “ I just filled up so I know it’s ok.” I started on my merry way, cheerfully singing to the radio.

As I was driving, I kept looking down at the warning light and the big red E. I could not ease my mind of fearful thinking. My thoughts were, “Maybe something really is wrong. Perhaps I didn’t really fill the tank and the car really is low on gas.” I told myself not to look at the gas gauge, it was causing me to feel afraid.

Of course, it wasn’t the gas gauge causing me to feel afraid; I was choosing to feel fear. However, repeatedly my eyes would drop down to look. It was as if I couldn’t help myself. I had to keep looking. It quickly became a fear-based obsession. Each time I would feel more and more anxiety. As a spiritual teacher and coach, one of the concepts I teach is very simple…when confronted with fear…BREATHE! As I was breathing slowly and deeply, I clearly heard a Voice within say, “You know the Truth. Trust. Trust regardless of appearances.”

Wow! Yes! Of course, I knew the truth. And I knew the Truth with a capital T. In that moment I expressed gratitude and breathed a sigh of relief, comfort, and safety. Of course I knew the truth (the gas tank was full). Of course, I can choose to trust (myself and the Creator). The Truth with a capital T is that it is the Creator and the Voice within that is the guidance we need to trust! And yes, regardless of appearances (as the old Gilbert & Sullivan song says, “things are seldom what they seem”), everything is in Divine Order. We must trust the Creator regardless of appearances because we do not know everything. We do not have all the facts. We may never have all the facts. Just as we may never know how many lives we have blessed in our lifetime.

The Truth is that we are extensions of God. The Truth is we are Love not fear. The Truth is we are powerful spiritual beings playing on this earthly plane…so let’s trust and playfully have fun here! Book your retreat now at

Marian & Garrett