Dear Ones,

Daily writing in a “Gratitude Journal” is a very powerful spiritual practice. We create more of what we focus upon. When we concentrate on everything we have to be grateful for then we create more blessings in our lives. We invite you to sit quietly with a notebook or journal, relax, breathe, and focus on the present moment.  Allow your Heart and Soul to speak to you.  Write in your journal (in complete sentences) at least five points of gratitude.  For example: 1) I am grateful for my perfect health 2) I am grateful for my loving relationships 3) Thank you God for my creative job 4) Thank you God for a good night’s sleep 5) I am grateful that I have plenty of food in the house.  You need not limit yourself to five.  Below I have listed some ‘prompts’ that may help you. Be open hearted, open minded, and open to receive. Have fun! Consider a transformational retreat at

Many blessings,

Marian and Garrett

Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Phone: 1-602-540-5808.

  1. What are you grateful for before you even get out of bed?
  2. What three qualities do you have that you are grateful for?
  3. What has happened thus far today and why are you grateful?
  4. Focus on one person in your life and list 5 things about them for which you are grateful
  5. What are you grateful for regarding your health?
  6. What do you connect with most in nature and why?  Write why you’re grateful.
  7. Who was a positive influence on you as a child and why are you grateful for them?
  8. What major life’s lesson have you learned and why are you grateful for this lesson?
  9. Choose one past situation in your life that you judged as negative. Write about the blessing you received from it.
  10. Why are you grateful for your relationship with Creator?