Many of you have heard the quotation from Meister Eckhart (German theologian Eckhart von Hochheim), ”If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You, it will be enough.” How many times each day do you say, “Thank You?” We invite you to consider that when you express your gratitude, be specific in your description. For example: to the waiter at a restaurant, “Thank you for serving me today.” To the person at the grocery store, “Thank you for bagging my groceries.” To your spouse, “I appreciate you preparing dinner tonight.” Before your meal, “We are grateful to the salmon who gave its life for our nourishment.” Every moment is a new opportunity to express appreciation. Consider that when you focus on gratitude, joy is the natural extension of the spiritual experience of appreciation. Live in gratitude, and joy will bubble up inside of you and overflow! Do you realize that all of the attributes of Love (of God) are within you? You are love, joy, peace, gratitude, hope, strength, etc. When you realize the Truth of who you are, life flows and feels natural. There is nothing else to strive for. Joy is a lovely remembrance of the Divine Spirit within. If life seems difficult to you right now, ask yourself, ”What is blocking my joy?” Perhaps it is time for self-reflection, forgiveness, and healing. It may be time for a retreat at Western Spirit!

Blessings, Marian & Garrett

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