Blessings to you and happy new year!

We were attending a social gathering a few months ago when a friend mentioned a program she and her husband developed for use in the classroom when they were teaching elementary school. Their program was a teaching tool they called STAR: It is an acronym for Stop…Think…Act…Review.

When working with their students and helping them to take responsibility for their choices; my friends came up with this ‘helper’ for better communication, for self-improvement, for personal responsibility, and for making wise choices. I think it is a great ‘personal code’ for all of us to follow!

Before we react with an unloving thought, word, or action, we…

  1. Stop ourselves in the moment.
  2. Breathe and think about what we truly want to say and how to say it.
  3. Act in a loving and thoughtful way.
  4. And afterwards, it is important to review what we have chosen and how it has affected not only ourselves but others.

We may not be youngsters in the classroom any longer, but some people say we are still in this classroom called “Earth School” and we are here to learn lessons for our spiritual growth. We haven’t changed that much since childhood…so why not use this acronym to help you to remember to choose love!

Love, Light, and Joy; Marian and Garrett