It feels like wellness retreats have become part of our vernacular in the 2020s. However, the practice is much older than this generation. They began in the 1970s, though they’ve had a resurgence in recent years.

The goal of most retreats is learning and self-discovery, and this is often done through various activities. Yoga and other physical activities are usually included.

Many of these retreats were designed to help women find their purpose. We’ll talk about retreats for women and how to navigate them.


Self-discovery is the chief goal of most retreats for women. This can come in many forms. What do you want to do, either as a short-term goal or with your life? Do you have a plan?

These are just a few of the questions you can think about on your retreat. You can think about whatever you want, or just relax and try to get away from it all. You might even learn a new skill or hobby.

Mental Health

According to the American Psychiatric Association, 1 in 5 women in the US has a mental health condition. The most common type of mental health conditions are anxiety disorders, followed by depression.

Women’s retreats are a great way to deal with such conditions because they get you away from the various stressors of your daily life. You might even learn some strategies for staying mentally healthy, like starting a gratitude journal.


An important thing to know about a ladies retreat is that it’s often tailored to a very specific purpose. This means that you’ll meet people who are looking for the exact same thing as you, so don’t be surprised if you make a few friends.

Perhaps your biggest issue is that you can’t seem to forgive yourself or someone else. The other women at the retreat will be dealing with similar issues.

These friends can help you through any issues you may have during the retreat and will allow you to grow as a community. This is true for your coaches and guides as well.

Connect With Nature

Some of us perform better in nature. We’re more comfortable, more productive, and happier. If this describes you, then you won’t be surprised to learn that we benefit a lot from nature.

The air in nature is much healthier than it is indoors or in urban areas. People who spend more time in nature are less likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses.

It also boosts our immune systems, motivation, and mood. There are probably more benefits that apply to women’s health in particular.

Retreats for Women: What to Know

If you’re looking for a place to get away and maybe learn something new, you’ll find no shortage of retreats for women. We’ve talked a bit about these retreats and what they do here, but there’s always more to learn.

You can read through our blog to learn more. If you’re looking for a spiritual retreat, you’ve come to the right place. We at Western Spirit Enrichment Center specialize in spiritual retreats. Feel free to read about our retreats before booking.