There is only one power in my life.

Sometimes we forget that there is only one power in the Universe and that it is the Creator. Perhaps in these troubled political and economic times it is especially difficult to understand and know that there is only one power and it is God. It is easy to feel safe, secure, and grateful when everything seems to be going ‘our way.’ We then say, ‘yes, it is good, thank you God.’ But can we trust that the Creator is ever present in those times when we may be going through a hardship and we do not feel that everything is as we’d like it to be? What if we were to choose to stand in the strength of the Universal Truth? What if we chose to believe that our Creator is all there is…one Power, one Presence, one Source? When we choose this then we know that ‘this too must be good.’ (regardless of appearances that seem contrary) because it is ALL the God-Creator. Our prayer might be; “Dear Creator, please allow me to see Your good in this.” When we choose this attitude then we (with certainty) can know the good within everything. Perhaps just a little at a time, but we eventually arrive at the full certainty that God is all there is! Perhaps this is when a Sedona spiritual retreat might assist and enable you to realize that “it is all good”.