7 in 10 American adults describe themselves as spiritual, so why isn’t spiritual wellness more valued in our society?

Our world is cluttered with distractions that pull us away from spiritual fulfillment. If everyone existed in spiritual harmony, there’d be no need for all of the stuff that we’re told will make us happier. That doesn’t jive with capitalism, however, so our collective spiritual health faces an uphill battle.

Spiritual retreats are a great way to cultivate more spiritual wellness. In today’s post, we’ll give you a beginner’s guide to spiritual retreats. Keep reading and you’ll learn about some of the practices and benefits of retreats, as well as how to choose the right retreat for your spiritual needs.

What Is a Spiritual Retreat?

A spiritual retreat can be a variety of things, but what all retreats have in common is that they allow you to set aside time to experience personal growth. What you do on a retreat may include meditation, spiritual study, and/or building connections with loved ones.

The goal of a spiritual retreat is to experience a shift in your perspective on life and the world. By removing yourself from your everyday struggles with work, family, and friendships, you can focus on yourself and your goals as a spiritual person.

Benefits of Spiritual Retreats

There are countless benefits of spiritual retreats. What makes them so special is that the benefits one person experiences are completely different from the next.

One common benefit is inner peace. In hectic everyday life, where we’re expected to work and consume, there’s little chance to obtain inner peace. Being on retreat affords you the time and quietude you need to examine your mind.

Retreats also allow you to connect with other spiritual people from disparate regions. Part of the reason spiritual fulfillment is hard to obtain is because most people don’t know how to seek it. It can be wonderful to be around other people who feel the same way as you do about it.

To be spiritual is to connect with the natural world. One of the most important spiritual realizations one can have is that they come out of and are part of the natural world, not separate from it.

It’s hard to intuit this in an urban setting. You need to get out among the trees, rocks, and open sky to experience this connection on a deeper level. When you finally feel it, a significant spiritual shift can happen that changes you at your core.

How to Pick the Right Retreat

Understanding what spiritual retreats are and why you might benefit from them is just the first step. Finding the right retreat provider can seem daunting, but there are plenty of fantastic options around.

The Western Spirit Enrichment Center is one such retreat center. Our Sedona spiritual retreats allow you to take the time you need to care for your spiritual and mental health. There are countless retreats to choose from throughout the year, so learn how to book yours here and get on the path to spiritual fulfillment in 2024.