Dear Ones,

Greetings and Namaste`

It is October…the month of cooler temperatures, warm cider, changes leaves, Halloween, and everything pumpkin flavored! Often when people think of October their first thought is of Halloween, where adults and children alike enjoy dressing in masks and costumes, attending parties, and knocking on doors to yell “trick or treat!” This month, along with the fun, laughter, and enjoyment of this holiday; we invite you to consider Halloween from a spiritual perspective.  Consider these questions…
What mask(s) have I worn for so long that I am no longer certain of who I truly am?
How many different masks do I wear and do I hide from family and friends?
Do I “dress in costume” as if I am a character in a play and not express my self authentically?
Have I convinced myself that I must perform a certain way (the trick) in order to receive an award (the treat) from someone else?
Am I going “door to door” looking for validation and power outside of myself?
These questions of self-reflection invite you to go within, seek change as Autumn changes Mother Earth, and bask in the glory of your own Divinity as you rediscover your True Self. Consider a transformational retreat at
In Love and Beauty,
Marian and Garrett
Western Spirit Enrichment Center