Women's Spiritual Retreats

Choose love over Fear. Improve your self-esteem. Forgive and heal. Live a life of gratitude and abundance.

Western Spirit’s Women’s Spiritual Retreats

Connecting Women to Spirit and Nature.

You’ve taken a ordinary vacation before. Now take a women’s spiritual retreat of me-time and self-care (4 days, Fri-Mon) that will positively empower and transform your life, bring you inner peace, increased self-love, emotional healing, greater personal awareness and sense of purpose, and substantial improvements in health and well-being at Western Spirit Enrichment Center’s Sedona women’s spiritual retreats. Call us at (602) 540-5808 or contact us by completing our INQUIRY FORM here to learn more about our retreats for women.

Western Spirit is universally recognized as one of the best women’s spiritual retreats in the U.S. Check out our hundreds of testimonials from past retreat guests and our dozens of 5-star Google reviews. Learn more by clicking our INQUIRY FORM here.

***Six important questions you should ask before you book your women’s spiritual retreat with Western Spirit or anyone else:


1. How much experience does the retreat organization have with retreats for women and what are the qualifications of the retreat facilitator?

Western Spirit has been offering Sedona women’s retreats to guests worldwide since 2001 (that’s 22 years of experience!). Our retreat founder and workshop facilitator, Marian Carol, MS.Ed., has led hundreds of women’s retreats with thousands of guests and is featured in the book “The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives”. She is a gifted spiritual teacher, humanist, intuitive healer, meditation leader, and visionary who guides women to create and attract harmony, mindfulness, peace and love in their lives and relationships. She is known throughout the world for her extenisive holistic knowledge and experience, peaceful and gentle nature, her playfulness, laughter and sense of humor. Please review our hundreds of testimonials from past women’s spiritual retreats and our dozens of Google 5-star reviews. (Marian & Garrett, I think of you two everyday! You absolutely changed my life. I now meditate and angel write daily. I quit drinking; I secured a new job; and I am studying to be a counselor. I became a Reiki practitioner last year and I found my life’s purpose and I remembered who I really am at my soul’s core. You guys are truly angels on earth!! – a recent retreat guest in 2022) 

2. What will I experience during this Sedona women's retreat and will I achieve my personal retreat goals?

What you learn and achieve during your Sedona women’s spiritual retreat depends primarily on you. With the proper attitude, intention and follow-up, you will experience a strictly confidential, transformative, life-changing weekend of 1) self-discovery and inner reflection, 2) learn to honor your suppressed emotions, 3) forgive and heal past trauma and old wounds, 4) transform fear into love, 5) develop your intuitive guidance, 6) improve your relationships, 7) learn your true purpose in life, 8) increase your self-esteem, 9) discover peace, love and joy, and 10) change your life into one of abundance and gratitude.

3. Where is the retreat for women located?

Western Spirit is centered in Sedona, AZ, once voted “the most beautiful city in America”. It is located in red rock country at 4,500 ft elevation and is renown for its natural beauty and superior outdoor opportunities. Sedona also has a worldwide reputation as a serene spiritual destination known for its sacred vortex sites, that is, “power spots” long identified by past indigenous people for their spiritual healing energy. Your Sedona women’s retreat will include numerous empowering workshops and meditations held in a nearby Healing Arts Center and significant time in exciting outdoor activities in Sedona and the (optional) Grand Canyon.

4. What will be the cost of my Sedona women's retreat and will I have private accommodations?

Western Spirit’s women’s retreat rates are simple and direct: $2,395 (+ tax) for individuals and $2,895 (+ tax) for couples. Our Sedona women’s retreats are all-inclusive of your 4 nights private room lodging in Sedona, all the empowering, and the outdoor activities. Meals are not included because we have found that guests have differing food tastes and budgetary limitations. Additional Sedona activities or souvenirs you may wish to choose on your own will be extra costs for you. Because Western Spirit is a 501c3 non-profit organization, our women’s retreat rates are among the lowest and best value in the Sedona area.

5. What types of Sedona spiritual retreats do you offer and what is the size of your women's retreat groups?

Western Spirit is a small, all-inclusive (non-religious & non-denominational) organization that accepts only 4 to 5 women guests at a time, allowing more time for personal attention, bonding and group synergy. Besides our women’s retreats, we also offer personal retreats, couples retreats and marriage retreats.

6. What is included in my Sedona women's retreat?

Your Western Spirit Sedona women’s retreat is inclusive of: 1) your comfortable lodging in a local inn for four nights, 2) eight empwering and life-changing workshops, 3) daily guided meditations and mindfulness practices, 4) a session with a Native American intuitive, 5) a tour of Sedona’s beauty and energy, 6) a visit to an ancient Indian ruins, and 8) a nurturing spa massage. No other Sedona women’s retreat offers so much for so little!

Please call us to let us know what weekend you have in mind for your women’s spiritual retreat. Improve your life now! Contact us by completing our “INQUIRY FORM” by clicking here or by calling (602) 540-5808.

Couples Retreats

Holistic Self-Discovery, Forgiveness and Healing, Personal Growth of Mind, Body and Spirit Through a Sedona Women’s Spiritual Retreat

At Western Spirit Enrichment Center each guest receives personal attention and complete confidentiality. If you are currently experiencing a transition in your life, or your relationship, or your job, or the loss of a loved one, or other challenge, we believe we can be of service to you through one of our retreats for women.

Learn more about our retreats for women by completing our no-obligation “INQUIRY FORM” here or call us at (602) 540-5808.

Awesome spiritual retreats Sedona

We are accompanied outside on our women’s retreats by our friendly teacher and healer, Bruno, our Australian Shepherd. Numerous wonderful restaurants are available for you to choose and enjoy your meals on your own. We are not a “concierge service” that sends you scurrying from one unknown healer to another during your retreat. We handle everything for you and relieve you of the stress, worry and planning of your Sedona women’s spiritual retreat, so you can focus solely on your purpose of being here on retreat: 

  • resolving challenges and issues you are currently facing

  • finding forgiveness and healing of past trauma

  • improving your relationships

  • discovering your natural state of self-awareness, joy and peace

  • and living a life of gratitude and abundance.

These are the women’s spiritual retreats workshops that can lead you to the life of peace, love and joy you deserve:

  • Choosing Love Over Fear

  • Healing Your Spirit

  • Living in Balance and Harmony

  • Manifesting your Heart’s Desires

  • Developing Your Intuition

  • Living in the Moment

  • Nurturing Yourself Through Forgiveness

  • Chakra Balancing

Improve your life now! Contact us by completing our no-obligation “INQUIRY FORM” here. A women’s spiritual retreat is a term for a peaceful “me-time” taken in a place of privacy and safety. At Western Spirit Enrichment Center, whether it is personal spiritual retreats or women’s spiritual retreats, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • self-care and improvement
  • meditation
  • personal growth and nourishment
  • inner reflection and self discovery
  • loving and preserving yourself
  • forgiveness and healing
  • learning your true purpose in life
  • discovering answers to your current challenges and issues
  • establishing personal boundaries
  • choosing love over fear.

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Through our special balance of enriching Workshops and exciting, fun-filled Outdoor Adventures, plus time for Rest and Self-Reflection, your women’s spiritual retreat will guide you along paths of self-care and discovery, personal growth, and inner healing, regardless of your faith, religious background, spiritual practices or chosen lifestyle. We take care of the weekend’s agenda for your Sedona women’s spiritual retreat, giving you the much-deserved “me-time” and space away from the stresses of everyday life so that you can focus on the true purpose of your retreat —

  • self-discovery of the powerful woman you are

  • personal emotional and physical healing

  • releasing habitual patterns and old trauma

  • uncovering and trusting your intuitive nature

  • improving life relationships

  • increasing your self-esteem

  • discovering your own answers within

  • and learning to live a life of love, joy, peace, gratitude and abundance.

Our Sedona women’s spiritual retreats are a venue for personal change and Self-growth, for quiet meditation and conscious breathing, for listening to the wisdom of your heart, for becoming a conscious creator, for finding clarity to see current challenges and issues in a more loving way, and for making a positive and permanent shift in your life. NOTE: These are women’s spiritual retreats; our facilitators are not mental health counselors or certified therapists.

You’ll experience all of this at your women’s retreat, plus exciting outdoor adventures in the natural beauty of magical Sedona. Sedona was named the “most beautiful city in America”. Improve your life now! Contact us by completing our “INQUIRY FORM” by clicking here or by calling (602) 540-5808, and join us for a once-in-a-lifetime Sedona women’s spiritual retreat that you will remember forever. View our past guest testimonials below.

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Our Sedona personal, women's and couples retreats all offer the perfect balance of individual and relationship growth, forgiveness, healing and increased self- love through:

Empowering Workshops

Empowering Workshops

Be guided gently through our Sedona women's spiritual retreat along a path of self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing, regardless of your faith or religious background.

Outdoor Adventures

Exciting Outdoor Adventures

Explore the awesome red-rock beauty and magical vortices surrounding Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Rest And Self-Reflection

Rest and Self-Reflection

Quiet your mind through meditation and self-reflection. Revitalize your body with some much-deserved pampering.

Our Sedona Women’s Retreats are Safe, Welcoming, Inclusive

We welcome and value everyone from all spiritual paths and walks of life to our women’s retreats. 

You will be guided along paths of self-discovery, growth and healing at our women’s retreats regardless of your faith or religious background. Western Spirit is a non-profit, non-religious and non-denominational spiritual retreat center. We operate on the universal principle that Spirit (God) is love, all humankind is connected, and we all have our own answers within.

We offer you a safe and welcoming place where you will be loved and accepted completely for who you are. Go within, listen to your heart, and release any fear or trepidation you might be feeling about being guided on one of Western Spirit’s holistic women’s spiritual retreats. Through this experience, you will meet new female friends, experience memorable fun adventures, and leave with a renewed sense of self-worth and meaning.

Your Hosts, Marian and Garrett, invite you to join us as you are guided through a transformative Sedona women’s retreat that will change your perspective and improve your life!

Are you?

  • Going through a difficult transition, such as a divorce, career change, or “empty-nest”?
    Accept a current path or find new direction in your life.
  • Having trouble forgiving and healing, or overcoming childhood trauma?
    Shed old beliefs, heal forgotten trauma, and discover deeper truths.
  • Too often choosing fear over love?
    Learn to listen to your heart and follow your intuition.
  • Feeling trapped in co-dependent behavior or abuse?
    Free yourself to improve relationships with your partner, friends, co-workers, God, yourself.
  • Repeating the same old mistakes?
    Deal with addictions or compulsive behavior.
  • Feeling you’ve lost your way on your spiritual path?
    Restore your inner peace through a connection with nature.
  • Wanting to bring more abundance into your life?
    Learn the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires.
  • Yearning for another woman to listen with empathy and compassion?
    Enhance your self-image and esteem.
  • Wishing for healing?
    Address forgiveness issues or healing challenges.
  • Wondering if there is something more to life?
    Relax, meditate, laugh and renew your spirit.

We welcome you to learn, discover, heal, and grow as a woman through a personal women's spiritual retreat with Western Spirit Enrichment Center in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

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Your 4-Day Spiritual Retreat Includes:

Women's & Personal Retreat Rates:

$2,395 +tax USD per Person

$1,200 initial deposit

Couples Retreat Rates:

$2,895 +tax USD per Couple

$1,450 initial deposit

Western Spirit Enrichment Center is an Arizona IRS-approved 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Our guest income, and your heartfelt tax-deductible contributions, enable us to continue to connect with people from all over the world and to assist them to improve their lives.  We sincerely thank you for your kind generosity and wish you a thousand returns of your charity.  Just as with love, the more we give, the more we receive!