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Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Located in magical Sedona, Arizona, Western Spirit Enrichment Center is a small, holistic personal growth, mind, body, spiritual retreat organization.

Has Spirit guided you here for a reason? Are you receiving signs that it’s time to make changes in your life? When was the last time you experienced true peace, happiness, love?

At Western Spirit, you will discover how to renew, enrich, and heal your life through your own spiritual journey toward self-realization, love and peace.

Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Experience empowering spiritual growth during an intensive, inspirational, peaceful week of learning, healing, meditation, and fun, regardless of your faith or religious background.

Sedona Events & Adventures

Step into high gear with first-class, exclusive, unique events and tours that encompass the best of the beauty and excitement that Sedona, Arizona has to offer.

Spiritual Healing & Guidance

Benefit from a private, confidential one-on-one spiritual counseling or healing session, or request guidance from intuitive healer and visionary, Marian Carol.

About Western Spirit

Western Spirit Enrichment Center was founded in 2001 by Marian Carol & Garrett Lowry (husband & wife) as a non-profit organization. Western Spirit is a reflection of Marian and Garrett’s “spiritual heart center”, which they have been intuitively and Divinely guided by Spirit to share with those seeking assistance along their spiritual journey. Western Spirit guides individuals, couples, and groups, on their inner journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, inner healing and transformation through empowering and life-changing Workshops, exciting Outdoor Adventures, and Spiritual Counseling—in the red-rock beauty and magic of Sedona, Arizona, a location voted and endorsed by many as the most beautiful place in America.

Your Hosts

Marian Carol is a gifted spiritual teacher, counselor, humanist, intuitive healer, visionary and psychic. She teaches individuals and couples how to create and attract harmony, peace and love in their lives and relationships by showing us how to open up to Spirit’s light and love. She is featured in the book The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives. Marian also offers individual Spiritual Counseling over the telephone.

Garrett Lowry is a passionate and experienced outdoorsman, adventurer, and cowboy, as well as an experienced businessman and retired U.S. Army officer. He has been an outdoor guide in Arizona for over 30 years with a broad knowledge of the rich history of the “old west” and Native American culture. He knows the state exceptionally well, including the most beautiful and remote spots and the best vendors with whom to work. He is an accomplished artist painter and published author and recently wrote his autobiography titled: “From Suit to Stetson: A Spiritual Journey from Orphanage to Businessman to Cowboy. . . and Beyond”. This book and his second book, a novel titled “Some Dreams are for Real“, are both available at

Marian and her husband Garrett, your hosts and guides, bring to their retreat guests almost 40 years of combined research and study into higher consciousness, the perfecting of spiritual harmony, and the law of attraction and manifesting. Their personal journey and extensive experience providing spiritual guidance and healing to thousands has given them invaluable insight and intuitive ability in guiding countless truth seekers from all over the world on their spiritual journey of inner growth and positive transformation to gain a newfound sense of deep gratitude and profound spiritual awareness! Together, Marian and Garrett host and facilitate the Retreat Workshops, Outdoor Adventures, and Corporate Events.


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