The week was great!

What warm and attentive hospitality! The retreat was great and changed our lives!

Big and Open Hearts

You both have such big and open hearts and your own spiritual beliefs were constant reminders to me of what I wanted to gain and heal from this experience. You made me feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed. You give so many blessings to others. I also appreciated the...

My Experience Was Amazing!

My experience here was amazing! What I’m walking away with is priceless. Marian, what a gentle spirit you are and what a gift of intuition you have. Gary, you are a gentleman, scholar, cowboy, story-teller and comedian. Peace and blessings to you both...

Spiritual Journey

I knew I was suppose to meet you on my trip through the USA, so I can continue my spiritual journey and expand on all the wisdom and insights you provided me. What a great week!

Peace, Love, Joy

Where do I begin to thank you both for all the peace, love and joy I take back home with me? Thank you for opening up your hearts and sharing your gifts with me.