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Western Spirit is well positioned to offer our clients first-class, exclusive, personalized, and unique corporate retreats, executive retreats, and corporate events & tours that encompass the best of our empowering personal growth workshops and the beauty of Arizona. At Western Spirit we combine the learning environment with the beauty of nature and the excitement of adventurous activities that produces extraordinary results. Based in the awesome red rock country of Sedona AZ, we are blessed with an abundance of outdoor activities that we can share with our guests. Your exciting stay with us can include any of the activities on this page, as well as whatever else you might be thinking of. Challenge us; we have over 25 years experience guiding special people and VIPs through the usual and unusual spectacular places of Arizona, and pride ourselves on knowing its wild west and Native American history. Western Spirit can provide such high quality amenities as private  transportation from your corporate offices direct to Sedona; top-name country western entertainment; Native American dancers, artists and ceremonies; exclusive Grand Canyon site-seeing and river rafting tours; spectacular western-theme parties; and many other special adventures. Western Spirit will plan and coordinate the corporate retreats, executive retreats, corporate events and tours for you that your employees will be talking about for a long, long time. 

 Many Benefits To Your Executives!

Through Western Spirit Center’s corporate retreats, the company realizes a significant return on its personnel investment and your key employees have an opportunity to learn, grow and benefit from

· decompressing and relaxing amid the spectacular beauty of Sedona, AZ
· integrating spiritual values into their workplace
· accessing their inner sacred space, voice, strength and power
· developing new awareness, perspectives and attitudes to bring to their work
· dispelling fear and limitations and discovering love
· transforming negative experiences to positive ones
· defining core values, shared goals and common purposes
· building more satisfying relationships with family, friends and co-workers
· relieving stress and discovering peace through meditation
· transforming the quality of their life by redefining their identity and purpose
· empowering oneself to live a more caring, passionate, ethical, and fun life
· dealing with challenges and accountability in a more constructive manner

Your executives deserve our first-class corporate retreats where they are surrounded by the beautiful and spectacular environment of Sedona AZ, pampered by a top-ranked, exclusive resort with healthy gourmet meals, entertained through fun and exciting out-of-the-ordinary activities, and presented with numerous opportunities to learn, develop and grow in a unique and interesting setting.

We invite you to learn more about Western Spirit’s executive corporate retreats by reviewing our sample 4-day agenda (just click here). For more details and pricing, telephone us at 602-540-5808, email us at, or complete our Tour/Event Proposal Form. Our goal is to assist you in enriching your company by inspiring your employees to live fully, care deeply, and love completely.

Horseback Riding

Horseback RidingTake an incredible ride through the beautiful red rocks of Sedona on gentle, sure-footed horses andExecutive Workshops experience the feeling of the old west. View the plant and wildlife and have a down-home cowboy cookout.

                                                              Cowboy Cookout

CampfireEnjoy a chuckwagon cooked steak dinner, complete with cowboy beans, biscuits and cobbler cooked in a Dutch oven. Sit around the campfire and sing along with our cowboy guitarist and poet.


 Enrich Your Corporate Community!

American businesses have come to recognize the measurable value and benefits of keeping their workers happy, and how it translates into greater productivity and profit. There is an emerging awareness in business that the search for meaning, personal growth and, yes, even spirituality in the workplace is of value to the organization. Part of this is recognizing that there is a core need within individuals to bring their entire selves to the workplace, not to turn off their heart and soul when they go to work. Research has found that one of the key reasons for the emergence of this movement in business is the recognition now of the workplace “as the primary community for many people.” Corporate retreats for both senior management and lower level employees promoting personal development, harmony and balance in life and work, and which result in passionate and committed employees who make a difference in their workplace, are now a common occurrence.



Raft the Grand Canyon!

Float the wild and majestic Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Experience roaring rapids that will keep you screaming, awesome scenery you will never forget, and a thrilling helicopter ride up to the canyon rim. If you want something tamer but just as much fun, we can enjoy some liesurely kayaking on Lake Watson.

Jeep Ride

Jeep over the rocks of Sedona!

Hang on to your cowboy hat, as you tour the awesome magical red rocks and buttes of Sedona and retrace the steps of the early Native Americans, via an adventurous 4-wheel jeep ride.

Oak Creek Canyon

Hike the buttes and canyons!

Hike through some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the Southwest, such as Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon, or up Granite Mountain, Doe Mesa or the Woodchute Trail.

Ancient Indian Ruins

Explore ancient Indian ruins!

Explore the thousand year old Anasazi or Sinaguan ruins in Walnut Canyon, Montezuma’s Castle, or at Tuzigoot. Participate in a Native American medicine wheel, sweat lodge or healing ceremony.

Grand Canyon Tours

Visit an old mining/ghost town!

Visit Jerome, Arizona’s most famous resurrected ghost  mining town, built high on the edge of steep Cleopatra Hill.  Then return to the “old west” days in historic Prescott!

Grand Canyon

Helicopter over the awesome Grand Canyon!

One of the great scenic wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is over one mile (1.5km) deep and 18 miles (27km) wide, and it contains over 277 miles (420km) of the Colorado River. It offers some of the most incredible views and vistas found anywhere, and is just as beautiful in winter as in summer. We can fly over it or hike into it; you decide.

Colorado River White Water Rafting

There’s skiing and snow shoeing!

Downhill skiing, cross country Nordic skiing and snowshoeing are available in winter (snow permitting) at Arizona Snow Bowl, near Flagstaff in the 12,633 ft sacred San Francisco Peaks.