"Thank you so much for a wonderful week. My spiritual growth has been amazing!"

Laura M.
"You have given me my life back and opened my eyes to the love and joy that was in me and lost. I wouldn't feel it if it wasn't for your joy, happiness, spirituality and compassion."

Deborah M
"My experience here was amazing! What I'm walking away with is priceless. Marian, what a gentle spirit you are and what a gift of intuition you have. Gary, you are a gentleman, scholar, cowboy, shaman and comedian. Peace and blessings to you both always!"

Atiba M.
"Meeting you and spending the week at Western Spirit was a true gift. You both have a beautiful spirit. I will always remember this vacation and my spirit is forever thankful!"

Claudine E.
"We are grateful for our visit here which has made us more enlightened, more joyful, more centered and more committed. We shall be forever blessed by this experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the light of your spirit with us."

Kovan & Sandra S