Speak personally to intuitive healer
and spiritual counselor



What do you need to heal in your life?
What do you want to create right now?
What specific issues do you want to address?
What breakthroughs are you ready to achieve?

*Are you going through a challenging job or career transition?
*Do you wish to improve your marriage or other relationships?
*Are you having trouble forgiving and healing?
*Do you often choose fear over love?
*Are you experiencing difficulty overcoming a childhood trauma?
*Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again?
*Are you experiencing low self-love, image and esteem?
*Do you feel you have lost your way on your spiritual path?
*Are you wondering if there is something more to life?
*Would you like someone to listen with empathy and compassion?
*Do you seek guidance, clarity and inner peace?
*Want to learn the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires?
*Desire some hands-on healing/energy work?
*Wish to grow closer to your God-Spirit within?


Address these issues and more by meeting and speaking with intuitive healer, MARIAN CAROL

of Western Spirit Enrichment Center in Sedona


 Marion Carol

Intuitive Healer

Healing Energy Work
Spiritual Counseling
Chakra Balancing
Retreat Guidance

Honoring suppressed emotions
Freeing trapped pain
Transforming fear into love
Working through forgiveness
Focus on core issues
Gain clarity through intuitive guidance

Here’s how it works:

1. Decide if you wish to speak to intuitive healer MARIAN in person while you are in the Sedona area OR if you wish to speak with her over the telephone or via email.

2. Call her at 602-540-0121 or email us at

3. We will return your call and schedule a mutually convenient time for your consultation/healing in person or via telephone or email.

4. Marian’s suggested love-offering donation is $75.00 an hour and you can go to our website donations page (click here) to make your advance payment.

5. After your payment, we will send you a confirmation and receipt.

6. Either meet with intuitive healer MARIAN in person or contact her via telephone or email at the prearranged scheduled time and spend your one-on-one time with her in spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, or retreat.


What can you expect from your
personal consultation?

We believe people act as guides, helpmates, and sparks of inspiration for one another. Therefore, our beliefs are based on the fundamental truth that each of us has the answers within and we are all traveling on our own individual and unique spiritual journey. We are examples for each other and when we recognize the light of divinity in each of us, we have valuable lessons we can teach and learn from each other. She will provide you with tools, resources and ideas to help you learn, grow and heal.

You’ll discover there is no separation of yourself from another. The energy of love is the same in all of us. We are all one in the universe. Love is our nature. We are love. The realization of our true spiritual nature is a powerful healing force, and love is the ultimate healer. Reclaim your capacity for love and joy with yourself and with others.

Learn to love yourself and not worry about the opinions of others. It is important to realize self judgment. When you release the fear of judgment, you will recognize your true divinity. Happiness comes from within, not from without, and not from the reflection of what others think of you. What others think of you is not your concern.

Learn to feel more peaceful, loving, and centered. Feel better equipped to deal with daily challenges and partnership issues, more empowered to choose the “right answer” for yourself, and more able to freely access your newly discovered spiritual power.

Regardless of a person’s upbringing, faith, religious background, current belief system, or lifestyle, our beliefs are applicable and effective because they operate on the universal principle that God is love and all humankind are connected and one. The sessions are non-denominational/non-religious and have less to do with the outer world and more to do with your inner Spirit.

As you ask questions about, and search for the meaning of your life and relationships, you’ll come away with a renewed sense of self, a greater love and respect for yourself and others, and a closer connection to your inner God-Spirit.

Click here to email MARIAN CAROL at or give her a call now at 602-540-0121! Click here to learn more about intuitive healer Marian

Read what past clients have said about Marian’s incredible healing sessions!

“My phone session with Marian was amazing! I felt a tremendous sense of love and peace flow over me. Marian channeled relevant messages from Spirit about my energy blocks, helpful information about my relationship with my mother, and information about my husband’s health condition. Marian also connected with my baby in my womb! These messages continue to inspire and amaze me with their accuracy. I also experienced a phenomenal hands-on healing with Marian and feel her gift is extraordinary. She is truly a gifted healer and messenger.”
Diana J.

“I experienced a hands-on healing session with Marian that was so much more than I ever expected. There were some trapped issues from over thirty years ago that Marian connected with intuitively. I could finally see how much they were affecting my life today. I trusted her completely with some very delicate matters and felt safe and comfortable in her care. The session was a key piece to helping me meet my goal to live my life “in the moment” and not be molded or attached to “what was”. This session was a life-changing experience for me!” Linda H.

“I am so grateful for my intuitive phone session with Marian. I felt she offered me information that I was previously unwilling to acknowledge. Marian moved this information into my awareness in a way that felt safe and comfortable to me. I knew I was receiving messages very sacred to my personal growth. I feel blessed to have met Marian.” Ellen C.

“Thank you for an amazing experience. I really feel much better about my personal situation now and will not try to control it.” Michelle B.

“I appreciate all that you did for me by helping me see my path to happiness and fulfillment. I am so grateful for the spiritual healing and insight. I know now that life is a journey and true happiness comes from within.” Nathan S.

“I spent a week in retreat at Western Spirit in 2006 and Marian helped me a great deal after my divorce. I also had the pleasure of recently spending another day with Marian for a healing session. She helped me get to the core of my issues and find clarity on what path I wished to take next. My time spent with Marian helped me to get grounded. Her healing energy and spirit are absolutely wonderful!” Sue B.

“I have no doubt about Marian’s intuition and clairvoyance. But even more, she seems to do everything from a place of love and generosity. If she has a mission in life, it must be to shine light on everything and everyone she touches. I would highly recommend a phone session to anyone in need of spiritual healing or guidance. Better yet, if you are able to go in person, attend one of the retreats – it will be one of the most uplifting and enjoyable things you’ll ever do.” Mellissa R.

“I feel that Marian is very gracious in sharing her gifts. She does so in a very gentle and compassionate way, yet straight forward. I really appreciate her sense of humor, also. It helps to remind me that as seriously as I may be taking a situation, there’s a bigger picture to keep in mind, and that it’s good to step back, take some deep breaths, and laugh. My telephone session with Marian provided invaluable insight about myself, as well as information that helped me to truly understand two relationships that otherwise remained painful and made no sense to me. On top of offering this insight, Marian also gave me some tools (well, actually made me aware of what I can do on my own from within) to help keep me in a peaceful and calm place. I am so grateful for how, in just one session, she has helped me in ways that words just can’t describe.” Sue F.